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Where you embody the beauty of impermanence through the evanescence of The Way of Tea.


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From the hands of aboriginal shamans, who carried these leaves in their medicinal pouches, to Daoist mystics and Zen monks, all of their fingerprints mark the rituals in a Cha Dao Tea Ceremony.

Imbuing the ceremony is the spirit of Tea - the many years of wisdom coming from Mother Gaia, the cosmos, all those ancestors who came before, and those who will come after us.

The Tea space where Cha Dao lives welcomes all.

Host and guests become one...

Every person washes away their forebearance and come into the space to share Tea.

Tea prepares our minds to connect with the divinity within and connects us to the soul, the cosmos and the Great Mystery, and She also brings us deep into connection with Earth. ⁣

What I have experienced of Her is not often talked about - Her allure, sensuality, and magnetism is infinite and a wide-open invitation for us all. ⁣

As a woman, my sacred exploration with this plant has been reshaping my life every day. ⁣

There is never a moment, even in the times when I feel completely at a loss, when I would feel abandoned, loveless, and lonely ever again. ⁣

I am devoted to walking The Way of living in ceremony, to embody the spirit of Tea and I am honoured to share the art of Dao and energy medicine. ⁣

I know Tea Spirit is so ready to meet the women who are meant to cross paths with her and work with her in all levels. ⁣

This is a time when women are feeling so deeply the call to step into their spirituality - to live in ceremony, to experience everything as sacred.  ⁣
Many have yet to even experience Her magic, and some have but not through the eyes of a woman... and I am here to change that.⁣

Some experiences include...


  • Rooting deep to rise high, Tea in ceremony mirrors the dance of life in the dance of the leaves and the elements that all come together to complete the ceremony

  • Refining your mastery to feel subtler energies and channel limitless universal life force to create a life you love living

  • Honing in on and appreciating the extraordinary in the ordinary

  • Letting go and loving into the Great Mystery so that we can allow the mystical to get to work



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Wayfarer Tier | £111 per month 
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Cloudwalker Tier | £388 per month 
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I have really been loving the transmutation practice. I feel it has been really helpful in processing the pain in a way that doesn't drag on and drain me and also provides a lot of insight. 

I am allowing myself to have clear boundaries about what I am and am not willing to allow beings I am providing for to do. 

I am remembering my own health, in particular seeing crystal clear again without glasses after wearing them from a very young age which I believe is attributed to regaining trust in my body, myself, and the world again and really allowing myself to sink into my body.


—  Hala, Los Angeles

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