When Still Waters Speak: Embodied Alchemy

Remembering. Returning.

Your Body, The Home For Your Spirit. 


Poetry. Presence. Connection.

When still waters speak, it serves to illuminate your heart.

Leading Sacred Way Mentor, Body Love Activator and Divine Energy Alchemist, LiYing Lim...

Who am I?

My name is LiYing, and I have been teaching and mentoring women through my own unique brand of The Sacred Way to guide you from body hate to embodying the luscious Goddess frequency of total body love resonance. 


More than any of my credentials, what makes me truly present to you as a mentor and healer is that I have been there. I have had over ten years of struggles with eating disorders including severe anorexia, and have healed fully from days when I was hooked up to IV drips to embodying my whole being fully through some truly powerful and proven techniques handed down to me from mentors, Eastern shamans and Zen monks, and experts in the field of bioenergetic healing, including the renowned Dr Sue Morter.


My teachings bridge spirituality and science with intuition, and are centred upon the heart, always revolving around love, poetry, presence and connection. I know own this special magical formula to help other women heal their relationship with their bodies.


In my highest act of service, I seek to honour the souls within each one of us with the lost art of sacred mind-body-spirit connection. 

I stand for a new era in which women STOP APOLOGISING for showing up as beautiful divine, authentic empowered beings.  

The Way Of Tea Keeper and Eternal Student, Tea Ceremony and Energy Alchemist

My signature method:

♥️ with The Way Of Tea we traverse in the quantum field with plant medicine power to find your true unique centre of stillness and activate your inner peace superpower 

♥️ with The 7-step Energy Codes system to anchor in your energy and embody your authentic mind-body-spirit connection 

♥️ with Alchemical Healing and The Sacred Way (healing sounds and spoken poetry, mythology and storytelling) to clear any blocks and limiting beliefs, deep wounds and cosmic karma 

As a devoted student of the Leaf, I commit to holding space for you to reconnect with your Highest Self with ancient rituals and practices, including the enhancing healing energies that flow through Tea with crystals and minerals’ crystalline powers.

As the Sage Laozi once said, "The Dao is a returning", and so it is that with Tea we can turn inward wordlessly, to return to our hearts, our souls. 


What People Are Saying...

What people are saying...


Shamanic and Ceremonial Rituals To Awaken The Authentic Soulful Self Within You 

If you are ready to…


  • Make quantum energetic shifts to deeply feel absolutely certain about what you stand for, how you choose to look and feel

  • Become a magnet for health, wealth, and wellbeing as you claim your value and worth as a woman

  • Cut, clear, and alchemise the patterns and illusions keeping you stuck in a toxic relationship with your body 

  • Fully and shamelessly claim the life you know deep in your bones that you are meant to live 

  • Awaken the divine love and unconditional support that comes to you when you reinstate your mind-body-spirit connection

  • Activate your Self-Love, intuition and trust as you quantum leap your cellular system into a new mode of being 

It is time to come back home to your precious being. This is your time. Will you take it?



Features in the media eye...

LiYing's Story

After a relationship breakdown, years of battling eating disorders and lack of self-love, LiYing first found her spiritual awakening in sound healing bowls, which has subsequently led her to a kundalini awakening and embracing a lifestyle steeped in daily meditation and yoga. When she found tea in Hong Kong through Fivelements, and began to serve in the lineage of Tea Sage Hut through the teachings of Wu De. Through Tea, she found that sitting in reverent silence with tea can take her meditation and manifestations to greater levels. It was inevitable – she answered the call of the Tea Spirit by devoting herself to the teachings of The Way of Tea, Cha Dao. Since then, she continues to absorb the teachings of various Tea teachers and masters, include Master Lin, tea master of Wu De based in Malaysia, as well as the teachings of the Dao and history of Tea Ceremonies in various cultures. LiYing has also come into the limitless space of working with various modalities, including spiritual seeking work with Katie Abbott of Pause Place – nevertheless, always leading with Tea – to nurture and cultivate love, poetry, presence and connection for spiritual freedom. 

She has also trained with Dr Sue Morter and is a certified The Energy Codes Facilitator. 

°♧ B L O S S O M ♧°_It never ceases to a

Upcoming Events

  • Mid-Autumn Festival Virtual Celebration: A Mythical Evening With Tea Ceremony
    21 Sep, 20:00 – 21:30 BST
    Immerse in an evening of mythical tales of the moon and Moon Goddess, brought to life with Tea Spirit, lanterns and candles.
  • The Language Of The Soul ~ Mid-Autumn Tea Ceremony {LIVE IN EDINBURGH}
    25 Sep, 15:30 – 17:30 BST
    Calm On Canning Street, 16 Canning St, Edinburgh EH3 8EG, UK
    Immerse in an evening of mythical tales and ceremony, the method to activate the one true soul within.
  • Authenticity & Belonging: 4-Week Ceremony & Ritual Journey To Your True Nature {LIVE IN MANDALA FLOW EDINBURGH}
    23 Oct, 17:30 BST – 13 Nov, 19:30 GMT
    Edinburgh, 16 Rodney St, Edinburgh EH7 4EA, UK
    A simple yet forgotten, powerful secret to finding the path to your true self: the sacred rituals of Cha Dao/The Way Of Tea.
  • Activating Deep Self-Loving Presence Tea Ceremony {LIVE IN EDINBURGH}
    07 Nov, 14:00 – 16:00 GMT
    The Island Wellbeing, 30 Maritime St, Leith, Edinburgh EH6 6SE, UK
    Activate your Self-Love, intuition and trust as you quantum leap your cellular system into a new mode of being


I’ve always pondered the power of our simple being-ness within silence and stillness. To witness this power has been something my soul has longed for since I was young. I got the chance to experience this through my private tea ceremony session with Liying. I wasn’t sure what to expect, and I got exactly what my soul has been seeking... absolute presence with another human. Liying is filled with love and compassion and has a keen ability to tap into the energy of others. It felt refreshing to have such beautiful space held for me in the most simple way... I felt truly seen, held, and loved in her unwavering presence for me like never before. There’s so much wisdom that tea has to offer, combined with Liying’s own wisdom (plus her gorgeous playlist), the experience was poetic, grounding, humbling, and enriching. I would highly recommend a private session as well as her group offerings. 


—  Sarah, New York