When Still Waters Speak: Embodied Alchemy

Awaken Deep Self-Love And Rise To Your Divine Riches Unapologetically.


Poetry. Presence. Connection.

When still waters speak, it serves to illuminate your heart.

Leading Sacred Way Mentor, Mystic, Luminous Body Activator and Divine Energy Alchemist, LiYing Lim...


I am an eternal student. I am not afraid of admitting I am wrong. I AM NOT YOUR GURU.

My name is LiYing, and I have been teaching and mentoring women through my own unique brand of The Sacred Way to feel deep ease and peace within their mind, body, and spirit as they release old anxieties and fears of not enoughness that they have carried for years.⁣

They learn to open their hearts to a divine, nourishing love which will heal their fears and anchor in this new vibrational resonance to fully embody their divine authenticity.⁣
More than any of my credentials, what makes me truly present to you as a mentor and healer is that I have been there. I have had over ten years of struggles with eating disorders and severe anorexia, people-pleasing and never good enoughness.

I have healed fully from days when I was hooked up to IV drips to embodying my whole being fully through some truly powerful quantum shifting teachings handed down to me from mentors, Eastern shamans and Zen monks, and experts in the field of bioenergetic healing.⁣

My teachings bridge spirituality and science with intuition, and are centred upon the heart, always revolving around love, poetry, presence and connection. I now own this special magical formula to help other women to embody their authentic selves right now, right here.⁣

In my highest act of service, I seek to honour the souls within each one of us with the lost art of sacred mind-body-spirit connection. ⁣

If you'd like to work with me to call in your authentic self and awaken deep self-love, I invite you to book in a free Heart-to-Heart call with me to discover how you can co-create the health, confidence and relationships that you are born to have, with me. ⁣


I stand for a new era in which women STOP APOLOGISING for showing up as beautiful divine, authentic empowered beings.  

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Shamanic and Ceremonial Rituals To Awaken The Authentic Soulful Self Within You 

The power of my work...

I will help you to move out of people-pleasing, self-hate, body shame and impostor syndrome of not-enoughness to awaken deep self-love to create the health, confidence and relationships that you are born to have. ⁣

I'm not about changing or fixing you. I am about aligning you with your true Self.⁣

We do this in a number of ways that bridge science and spirituality. ⁣

We tap into your wholeness and release your body from fight-and-flight response by building a fluid energy flow in your energetic field through an advanced and comprehensive system that lights up hidden magnificence inside of you of which you haven't even been aware before so that you can fully embody it and create a container of unconditional self-love and support. ⁣

We elevate your consciousness and confidence and create quantum shifts in your mindset through sacred ceremony and shamanic rituals, plant medicine, sonic sound, and Shamanic Eastern Alchemy so there is no more desire to compare and prove your worth. You see your true magnificence. You embody it. You are it and you'll attract everything you want with grace and ease.⁣

My signature method:

♥️ with The Way Of Tea we traverse in the quantum field with plant medicine power to find your true unique centre of stillness and activate your inner peace superpower 

♥️ with The 7-step Energy Codes system to anchor in your energy and embody your authentic mind-body-spirit connection 

♥️ with Alchemical Healing and The Sacred Way (healing sounds and spoken poetry, mythology and storytelling) to clear any blocks and limiting beliefs, deep wounds and cosmic karma 

As a devoted student of the Leaf, I commit to holding space for you to reconnect with your Highest Self with ancient rituals and practices, including the enhancing healing energies that flow through Tea with crystals and minerals’ crystalline powers.

As the Sage Laozi once said, "The Dao is a returning", and so it is that with Tea we can turn inward wordlessly, to return to our hearts, our souls. 

If you are ready to…


  • Make quantum energetic shifts to deeply feel absolutely certain about what you stand for, how you choose to look and feel

  • Become a magnet for health, wealth, and wellbeing as you claim your value and worth as a woman

  • Cut, clear, and alchemise the patterns and illusions keeping you stuck in a toxic relationship with your body 

  • Fully and shamelessly claim the life you know deep in your bones that you are meant to live 

  • Awaken the divine love and unconditional support that comes to you when you reinstate your mind-body-spirit connection

  • Activate your Self-Love, intuition and trust as you quantum leap your cellular system into a new mode of being 

It is time to come back home to your precious being. This is your time. Will you take it?



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Sitting in ceremony with LiYing, I was transported to a place of deep reverence and simplicity. It felt like an ancient remembering. It was an honour to experience such a sacred ritual - so beautiful, so special and profound. In a society that sets us up to burnout, LiYing reminds us of the power of stillness, silence and simplicity. I went from feeling unsettled, scattered and agitated to feeling grounded and peaceful. I felt tension in my back melt away.
Thankyou so much LiYing, that was was so special! x


—  Caitlin, Australia