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The woman who lives in ceremony and is boldly leading The Way for all women.⁣


For the woman who is ready to let her inner dragons unfurl...

She who remembers she is sacred luxury.⁣

This is more than self-love.


This is sovereignty.


This is you walking so embodied in your pure limitless potential to create, reclaimed. ⁣


This is your gateway to high-level mentorship with direct 1:1 support.

Choose from the options of 12 months/6 months/4 months 



Telegram space for epic support (Mon-Fri) in our private sacred vortex

3 x 90-minute live Tea Ceremony Activations 1:1 via Zoom each month. (Session recordings will be available for lifetime access.)


Access to ALL live offerings + group mentorship

12-month option includes access to the Kyoto At Mystery's Gate in-person Retreat in 2024; other options give you priority and exclusive price to the Retreat


Evergreen online treasure trove with over 30 classes of alchemical healing, emotional mastery, breathwork and embodiment practices

A Sacred Space Gift Set with high ceremonial-grade Living Tea and more delivered to your home.

And more mystery offers. I love to spoil the women in my spaces. Let's bring the sacred back into luxury - and you know you deserve the very best.

Luxurious spaciousness in your days... ⁣⁣exponential expansions...⁣⁣the richness of stillness...⁣⁣communion with the divine...⁣⁣

Please feel free to send a short intention through an email or dm with your option or any questions you may have. All applications will require an initial consultation. It is my utmost pleasure to guide you to your path. 

"LiYing, your wisdom and guardianship of the ceremony is sublime. I can’t thank you enough for the experience and it was felt in all of my being. It’s an honour to travel along with you."

"You are a magnificent leader, and so dedicated to your path. You lead with love, and show me the Mentor that I want to be."

"LiYing… your tea ceremony was the most profoundly ancient and modern and timeless and ethereal and grounding magic I have experienced. What a gift."

Copy of Copy of Copy of Palm Trees Sky Photo Your Story (8).png
Copy of Copy of Copy of Palm Trees Sky Photo Your Story (8).png

12 months

This includes an in-person retreat in Kyoto, Japan, with me in September 2024.

5 days 4 nights of luxury accommodation at Aman Kyoto and meals included, transport to and from airport, with a divine experience of Tea Ceremonies, Tea plantation visits and daily energetic activations to reset, integrate and anchor in your sovereign light, and reclaim your fullest expression to deeply know you are limitless, an ever evolving soul.


  • Airfare (international + domestic)

  • Travel Insurance

  • Visa Entry Fee

. Only applicable for Paid In Full option. A reservation of a spot on the retreat with a deposit of £1,999 is available for Payment Plan option.

PAY IN FULL: £58,888

PAYMENT PLAN: £5,888 upfront + £6,222 per month x 9 payments

May you always have someone in your corner who holds you to your highest potential and standards, and isn't afraid to call you forward. ⁣⁣

I am very lucky I do. ⁣⁣

And I embody the one who does. ✨🤍⁣

When a woman comes into my world, she is declaring she is here to deepen into mastery.⁣⁣

This is a place where you, dear multidimensional woman, know you can be held to your highest potential.⁣⁣

This is a place where you are absolutely open to being called forward - and you are not afraid to go further out of the waters in which you usually swim.⁣⁣

You are building your fire, learning the depth of your waters, nourishing and tending to your earth, planting your seeds so your woods can grow tall and wide, and absolutely, transform lead into gold. ⁣⁣

You are not afraid of claiming a sacred life, a feeling that only grows when you place your energy unwaveringly upon this very powerful crystalline frequency.⁣⁣

Luxurious spaciousness in your days... ⁣⁣

exponential expansions...⁣⁣

the richness of stillness...⁣⁣

communion with the divine...⁣⁣

⁣Here we go deep to unfurl your inner dragons and embody your multidimensionality where life truly gets to be so damn good as you lead in your fullest expression as the dragon empress that you truly are.

6 months

PAY IN FULL: £22,888

PAYMENT PLAN: £3,888 upfront + 5 payments after of £3,888 each month


4 months


PAY IN FULL: £12,888

​PAYMENT PLAN: £3,333 upfront + 3 payments after of £3,333 each month




I have really been loving the transmutation practice. I feel it has been really helpful in processing the pain in a way that doesn't drag on and drain me and also provides a lot of insight. 

I am allowing myself to have clear boundaries about what I am and am not willing to allow beings I am providing for to do. 

I am remembering my own health, in particular seeing crystal clear again without glasses after wearing them from a very young age which I believe is attributed to regaining trust in my body, myself, and the world again and really allowing myself to sink into my body.


—  Hala, Los Angeles

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