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Thank you, Goddess.


You are a magnificent creatrix of your own life.


You are deserving of all the sacred abundance that is available for you right now.


You are a powerful potent woman.


You are a divine being with limitless prosperity and love to give and receive.

And you know you don't need to try or do more.⁣

You simply are already changing the world for its highest good! 

By accepting all of you, the whole you.⁣

By simply being you, the whole you.⁣


By owning your voice authentically.⁣

By loving you entirely.⁣


By willing to put down the story that weighs you down.⁣

By willing to close up the bleeding wound and stop blaming others.⁣

By willing to step out of the cordons of fear your mind likes to draw between what feels comfortable and familiar and what is not.⁣

So know this: your dream life doesn't have to be the be all end all, and life is ever changing so be open to where it leads you! And no, you don't have to work in a job that you hate because it is "life". ⁣

Life is what YOU choose it to be.⁣

The day I chose to stop arguing for my smallness and go for what I truly want, I chose to choose me, forever and always. 

Because let's be real:⁣

What could possibly be worse than "should not"-ing ourselves for our entire life?⁣

Where will you be in 3 years' time if nothing changes?


How much longer are you going to resort to this coping mechanism?


How much longer are you going to say through a gritted smile, "I'm fine, thank you"?


How much longer are you going to live a life of pain and restriction - of real strain and hunger around the clock?


You CAN feel fully that you no longer care for the reactions and opinions of others about you.


You CAN feel how truly freeing it is to take back complete control of your life from the mental chatter that goes on inside of your head.


It all starts from radically releasing the “I am not enough” story and shifting into the frequency of a confident, self-assured Goddess who feels deeply worthy and deserving of receiving all things great.


And this time, you get to anchor it in so you become the divine embodiment of your core soulful self. 


This is all available to you, and it can happen for you with record ease, in record time. Right here. Right now.


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Within only a few weeks the major breakthrough and clarity about my sacred work came through,
along with readiness to follow it now, not at some point of disillusioned future. I’ve been also
befriending my body and learning to trust its deep, amazing wisdom.
LiYing delivers what she promises: changes that happen with the speed of life, bespoke and loving support. She is a true embodiment of self love and abundance that she teaches.


—  Ania, Surrey