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When the Dao is so ineffable that the sacred transmissions can only be heard when we drop in and listen to Tea Spirit, we come together to elevate the collective consciousness at a time when light is suffusing Gaia, when veils are thin in these yin days.



With the power of Tea medicine steeped in the mystical magic of leaves that come from their own spiritual and ancestral lands, LiYing Lim, your guide for this Tea Ceremony, is a divine energy alchemist, ceremonial keeper of Cha Dao and sacred transformation mentor who has helped women embody their creative feminine leadership by finding deep peace and clarity as they uncover their sacred blueprint to their path and purpose so they deeply know what to do with ease and grace.⁣



I invite you to join me for a Tea Ceremony steeped in this spiritual and ancestral tradition.


Tap into your crystalline energy through the four virtues of Tea 





Come into a circle for healing and expansion.


Cha Dao brings us into the essence of the Leaf to come into harmony with all that is Nature - in flow with the Dao; while a Tea Ceremony cultivates presence and timelessness. Imbued with a deep felt sense of tranquillity, Tea Ceremony allows the Tea Ceremonial Keeper to connect with a greater presence - and subsequently pour bowl after bowl of stillness to the receiving guest.

We find calm joy (安樂) in things with no names; in simple silence, in falling leaves, in boiling water, in taste buds refreshed by sips of Tea.


We remember our infinite self, and through this remembering we become as peaceful as the sea in the morning.


We remember a land before time, the Inner Earth that connects us all with the roots of Mother Gaia and all the celestial beings around us. We remember the temple that resides within us. We remember we are the light, the stars, the moon and the sun, the Thousand Things, as the sages called it centuries ago.


Come and experience the Universe within your bowl.


This was a live recording from 10th December, 2022. 


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