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When you are embodied as the highest self, you deeply know that everything is happening for you. That nothing is happening to you, or against you. ⁣

This is when you come into harmony with all and find balance within.⁣

Everything begins to feel truly like a miracle. ⁣

Peace is embodied. ⁣

Your Highest Self gets to be expressed out of a well of true stillness, and cells in the body get to generate more qi and energy gets to flow - thus facilitating more openings of circuits to allow more intuitive mastery and energetic upgrades and cellular regeneration. ⁣


We will be activating and deepening the sensing of subtle energies so that you can channel cosmic energies down to animate your physical body with the highest self, fully embodied and expressed into this dimension...⁣

To find inner peace ⁣

To open up to receive love ⁣

To know deeply that you do not need more to prove you are worthy of more ⁣

To stop the hamster wheel of striving and chasing after another shiny object⁣

To trust in your own intuition as your eternal compass⁣

To stop leaking your energy to external circumstances⁣

Reclamation of your Highest Self is here.⁣

The Highest Self is an embodiment of all the wisdom of the cosmos. That is where we are going together. Are you ready? ⁣

The Highest Self Activation

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