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A tree in the mountains

Each leaf carrying the whole essence of the tree and surroundings.

This silent space, this vast expanse of flourishing trees lives on and brings all aspects of us into harmony

And we remember.

We hear the whispers of Tea stir within us

Tea the great connector.

Tea the patient translator who communes without words.

We remember.

We return to that vortex of stillness.

For centuries, Zen monks, Daoists and shamans have relied on the Tea Spirit for their healing abilities and ancient wisdom. This is a practice that has been left in the dust of the past as Tea began to be grown and sold as a commodity. In this ritual Tea is honoured as plant medicine and Spirit through creating a sacred space in which our beings can sit in silence, turn inward and reconnect to our hearts, through Nature, through love and gratitude for the simple moments in life.

We will be focusing on several concepts to raise your awareness in this hybrid of collective Vision Journey and Ceremony:

· Breath ~ a conduit between body and mind, signalling the mind to work for you, not against you. My method encompasses the activation of the energy system and toric field to heighten your awareness so that you can move into limitless potential and embody your cosmic magnificence and take divinely aligned actions in the 3D.

· Tea ~ the great connector between humans and all matters of jing (essence), qi (energy/subtle body) and Shen (spirit), we find presence and stillness as we connect to the wisdom of the cosmos and Mother Earth through the magic of wild, untainted Tea leaves

· Words ~ what the ancients used to call "cloud scrolls" from heavens above, we will learn how to use words to powerfully root in our vision, dreams, and observe our self-limiting beliefs and open your energetic field up and anchor you into the truth of who you are.

· Body ~ the bridge between spirit and mind, communicating the true nature of your soul so the mind can carry out meaningful actions that serves your expansion

Journeying with Tea Spirit (A Tea Ceremony & Vision Journey)

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