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Cha Dao for the Multidimensional Woman : A Beginner's Mind journey for 1 month at £555 (for now) is for you if you are ready to embark on this path of working with Tea Spirit and have never done a mentorship with me before.


Receive all the benefits of being in mentorship with me, experience exquisite high quality living tea from trees grown in their ancestral lands for hundreds to thousands of years...


And above all, experience your own divinity in the very veins of the Leaf.



What we do inside Cha Dao for the Multidimensional Woman 3-month mentorship with The Way of Tea is not about making Tea... it is about embodying the highest service from the heart as a leader, wayshower and changemaker. ⁣



Leadership is anchored in these codes.⁣



Birthing new power.⁣



Releasing all density to emerge as Light.⁣



Returning to stillness to⁣



Return to Source.⁣



And The Way of Tea is a path of returning.⁣



For the ones who hear the call... Cha Dao for the Multidimensional Woman is enrolling now.⁣



- 2 x monthly group Tea Ceremony


to enter the energy field of the Leaf and anchor in the vortex of stillness &


Refine your attunement to pure transmissions from Tea Spirit to your multidimensional soul


- Yin Yang Living Tea each month. As every Tea has a vibrational frequency of Her own, we will work with Tea to cultivate your mastery in life and support your work in other multidimensionally-related areas, such as creativity, meditation, channelling, space holding and mentoring.



- 1 x monthly mentorship call to deepen into the sacred exploration of Cha Dao, The Way of Tea and the foundational preparations of the Cha Xi (Tea stage) and methods of bowl Tea Ceremony



- Telegram group thread for reflections, questions and discussions + access to my vault of masterclasses



- Full 1-month access to The Tea Mystic Collective




- First access to Tea Retreats 





It is a true homecoming. Everything can shift in one month.


All purchases are final and non-refundable.

Cha Dao for the Multidimensional Woman : A Beginner's Mind Journey

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