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In March, I launched a masterclass called Cha Dao for the Multidimensional Woman to the biggest list of signups ever. Now Tea Spirit has spoken: I am adding a new live class to the original masterclass, so anyone who has purchased the first one will also get this new class with lifetime access.

Tea as a dao to the Great Mysterious Dao.


To become truly immovable, you must train the mind and go deep within yourself.




Cha Dao for the Multidimensional Woman


🍃 Exploring the process of ::

🙏🏻 Harnessing and living in your vortex of stillness to living on purpose as a leader and creator-director of your life
☯️ Infusing ancient wisdom into modern ways of living
🕯 Decolonising Spiritual Journeys with an ancient practice
🍵 Tea Ceremony of the Dao versus Tea meditation
🌿 The beauty of imbibing "huo cha", living tea that is seed-propagated and agrochemical-free

In the new upcoming class, we will explore ·.·
🍃 Introduction to Tea as a a way of life
🐲 Tea as a sacred guide and medicine for women
🌀 Experience the energy field through Tea
💎 Enter a vision quest with Tea Spirit as your guide
🌬 Playing in the unknown? Tea is here to refine your channel and hone your intuition so you can receive transmissions, downloads and messages with clarity at the highest frequency.

The date and time for the new class will be announced to all those who have purchased this masterclass. You can make your purchase at £33 now. 

Price will rise to £88 when the new class has gone live (which is very soon!) and is complete.

Cha Dao for the Multidimensional Woman

  • Once purchased, the video link to access the transmission will be sent to your registered email address for safe keeping. Lifetime access. 

  • Once purchase is made, this product is non-refundable.

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