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Zen and Tea: A (Virtual) Temple Retreat


Zen is... ⁣

🍂 Chop some wood. Gather some water. Now let the fire work its alchemy and bring the soughing wind through the pines. Please sit. Here, have a few bowls of Tea. 🍃 ⁣

Last night I dreamt of a temple in another time.⁣

At the crack of dawn⁣

They are all coming to me⁣

The footsteps of the past⁣

The wind chimes dancing on the breeze.⁣

Sycamore trees rustling. Monk robes in red turning into serene pigeon blue.⁣

The scent of charcoal rises up in the air.⁣

The human hands that hold these Tea leaves⁣

The kettle that comes to boil ⁣

The vessel that holds the liquid of love and thousand years of ancient wisdom and stories.⁣


I knew SHUNYATA needed to be birthed into this world.⁣

The spirits have been seeking me out for weeks, and I would wake up not remembering the messages, but certainly held in a frame where I knew something was brewing. Something was coming into being.⁣

I have been transported frequently back to 2018 when I made my third return to Kyoto, the sacred lands of Japan steeped in temple culture and Tea Ceremonies. ⁣

🌊 Alchemy of Tea ~ the two-way bridge between Heaven and Earth. 🌳⁣

〰️ Spiritual transmissions from Tea Spirit 〰️⁣

I am honoured to be the vessel for this beautiful magic to occur. ⁣

Indeed, it is perhaps not a retreat for everyone.⁣

No official certificate. No certification. Only the path to Inner Peace that already lives in you. ⛰🕊⁣

〰️ Black Friday ⚫ Pre-launch special price available for all who sign up until December 2 〰️ my doors are always open for all enquiries and clarity chats. 🤍🍃🙏🏻

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