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Winter Solstice Blessings

In ancient Agrarian China, Winter Solstice was particularly marked by a reunion dinner because there was a knowing that ran deep in the hearts and minds of the people then that they wouldn't know when next a meal together with the elderly family members will come. Winter back then was harrowing enough to take many souls away to heaven's gate.⁣

Hence, these dinners were significant, where elderly and the young come together to share a meal in gratitude. Food and Tea were also served to ancestors at the altar.⁣

I steep in this cultural tradition with gratitude and a heart full of respect for all those who have walked before us, and a heart illuminated by the path ahead, for those with whom I will cross paths soon.⁣

This sentiment feels especially tangible as we also witness the great conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter, both great teacher planets, in 2,000 years. Set in Aquarius, this is the new age - the golden age that rises, rises, rises, from the detritus of what have fallen and burnt into the ground. This is a time for connection beyond the physical realms. We have already witnessed this ourselves with the times when we turned to different technological modalities to reconnect with humanity and our inner selves. So if you find yourself far from your loved ones, take heart my dear. Know that you can send energetics of love wherever you are and it will be felt, wherever it is intended to go.⁣

Love is with us here, no matter your cultural background or identity. Place your hands on your heart. Feel it. It has always been here. Right here. Love that thaws ice, that lingers forever.⁣

This is about coming into our full potential. This is a time to face up to our deepest darkest fears by owning our authenticity, our truths., our light 🕯.

❄ ⁣

Wishing you all a peaceful Winter Solstice today full of love and joy.

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