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Who You Truly Are

The northern lights⁣

They incinerate the sky ⁣

With their unabashed flames. ⁣

Why do we bend and break⁣

At the will of our own?⁣

Can there ever be the grace of serenity⁣

Without the touch of a harrowing winter?⁣

You may not see how you truly are⁣

But God Source always does.⁣

And if the thought of who you really are, what you truly are⁣

Scares you⁣

Close your eyes⁣

Breathe ⁣


For what is left but this letting go?⁣

This no-mind⁣

This nothingness.⁣

Let the Dao stream into your every fibre⁣

Let the vastness of love guide you, break you, hold you, see you.⁣

And when you feel afraid and it feels impossible ⁣

Let it be known that I am walking with you⁣

Holding space for Tea to shed light on your darkest nights⁣

Lending you belief in you to you.⁣

You are never lonely on the Dao.⁣

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