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What Tea Really Does Without Doing

Tea reminds us to connect with nature through the leaves, to return to the beginner's mind time and time again. ⁣

Tea reminds us to play, to have fun with life and feel every experience move through in our body.⁣

Tea reminds us to trust, even when the night is dark and there is no way out before us... Trust.⁣

She holds us in unconditional ways, ways that allow us to drop completely into her embrace, no questions asked.⁣

The Tea practice is not simply about beauty in wabi sabi.⁣

It is not simply about the exalted state.⁣

It is about showing up even in the winter season of your soul;⁣

When you feel like that is the last thing you should do. ⁣

Every day is a good day when you show up in the Tea space.⁣

And when you show up in the Tea space, you remember that every day is a good day.⁣


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