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What Limitless Abundance Really Means

Limitless abundance is not just about how much money you're open to receive. It is also how open you are to consistently expanding and uplevelling your consciousness.⁣

I see this in the most divine way now that when I am devoted to a sacred path,  I am open to the next unknown portal, and the next, and the next. ⁣

It is not an energy of striving and trying hard.⁣

It is an invitation, a whisper from the Universe at first, to expand at the rate you are perfectly ready for - even though at that time you would be feeling uncomfortable and wondering oh dear, something is happening and it feels misaligned.⁣

When you are open to limitless abundance, you are not afraid of being alone ever again.⁣

You are open to receiving and you say, 🤩 BRING IT ON to the new phases that are coming into your reality.⁣

🔥 You say, who can I look to for support this time around?⁣

🙇‍♀️ Because the student always meets the teacher when she is ready.⁣

When you are open to limitless creative flow 🌌, you are not closing yourself off to diving into the deep with new skills to enhance and you are excited about the unseen parts of you that are now ready to activate. 🌠⁣

The fear of uplevelling keeps you in uncertainty and it does not allow you to access your divine creatrixship.⁣

I have seen this over and over again where creative artists, healers, poets and writers hit a wall over and over again. ⁣

But it does not end there. 🕯⁣

Everything you knew only was meant to take you as far as you have come. ⁣

There is no shame in not knowing.⁣

❤ In fact, this is a huge indication that you are ready to rise to more of who you authentically are - your sacred wholeness that is consistently tapped into limitless abundance.⁣

🏹🌕 When you're ready to rise, you are going to meet your little helpers and nudges to the right bridge to take.⁣

And it is on you to take that bridge.⁣

You are a divine being, an embodiment of both Heaven and Earth.🌜🔮🌛⁣

🐅 Today, I invite you, darling woman, to step up and open your heart ❤, liberate yourself from the past 🏹, and fully activate your highest potential.⁣

💌 Apply for a free Heart-to-Heart chat to uncover the best way to work with me to power up your divine reclamation of authentic power and deep self-love. ⁣💙⁣


Link in my bio. ⁣⁣




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Be you, be free, it's all available for you, 💋⁣⁣


LiYing 🎐

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