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What Is Forgiveness?

🍃 To become a channel for that crystalline life force 🤍that is within you, it is as simple as allowing yourself to start with the Beginner's Mind any time, anywhere.⁣

Let skepticism and experience die into the past every single day.⁣

Wipe away the tears and sorrow of victimhood and listen with the ears of a newborn.⁣

Awaken from your passive slumber of powerlessness and carve your unique pathway to the vibrational space of divine riches. ⁣

The world may call you a fool for following your heart, but you know that deep sense of harmony in you feels so right it cannot ever be ignored - and there is no turning back to ignorance and subjugation. ⁣

It feels so good because that is you. That is fully, divinely you - and you are saying YES to you, to pleasure, to joy, to harmony, to deep self-love. 💖⁣

Chant with me, Goddess: 🕯⁣

I am not interested in showing you my perfect life.⁣

I am not interested in hiding away my fears and insecurities.⁣

I am not interested in dimming my light to fit in anymore.⁣

Yes, these thoughts and external expectations come up and attempt to pull me off centre of course, but I can no longer dissemble my pure bleeding heart and the fire in my belly.⁣

I embrace all of them as one.⁣

I am not interested in how many other people out there are doing the same thing that I am called to do.⁣

I am a Siren Goddess.⁣

I take a stand today.⁣

🧜‍♀️ Divine woman, ⁣

I am not here to fix or change you.⁣

💖 I am here to invite you to rise.⁣

💎 I speak to you and see you at your highest level and therefore I do not stoop down to pamper your fears.⁣

👑 I walk with you as you remember your way home to who you are.⁣

To know how forgiveness of others feels like, you must first forgive yourself. ⁣

Release the hate. The shame. The guilt. The blame. ⁣

🕊 My precious one, see your pain and embrace them to fully alchemise your past into precious gifts you are born to share with the world.⁣

To heal others you must know how it feels to live in harmony with you - all of you, not just the parts they appreciate; every single part of you is included.⁣

Then and only then, will you live in the centre of stillness, cruising on the frequency of limitless abundance. ⁣

♥ You will meet yourself with forgiveness, love and compassion with every breath you take.⁣

And you will meet each and every person at their highest potential, even before they can see it for themselves.⁣

That is forgiveness.⁣

🍂 That is the forgotten sacred art of seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary, Goddess. ⁣

Claim what is and has always been yours today, Goddess. Remember who you truly are. ⁣

Come home. 🎐⁣

🧜‍♀️ If you are ready to make quantum energetic shifts to deeply feel absolutely certain about what you stand for and what your soul purpose is, I invite you to book in for a free Heart-to-Heart chat with me ☎️ today to receive your divine roadmap 🔮 to ascension. 🌅⁣


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Be you, be love, set yourself free. It is all here for you, 💋⁣⁣⁣





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