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What Is A Retreat?

Retreat in the sense of the word here in SHUNYATA...⁣

Leaving behind the world of dust 塵世間情為何物。。。⁣

The world of dust 〰️⁣

In the ancient horse-drawn days⁣

Eyes and skin stained with sand from the long arduous journey down the well trodden path to the city centre.⁣

The heavy pall needs to be sloughed off to let the glorious light within shine through.⁣

So then with a wash of water down the body⁣

The lotus within us emerge⁣

Pushing through the thick mud and breaking through the glass ceilings of the pond.⁣

Sages retreated from the world⁣

Full of sorrow for the corruption, wars and lack of faith⁣

To find inner peace and enlightenment in the chopping of wood⁣

Lighting of fire ⁣

The sweeping of the well-worn stairs to the temple;⁣

In the Tea sipped under the moonlight in the bamboo grove.⁣


What makes a good tea?⁣

Getting out of the way and let Tea work her magic.⁣

And practise. Practise religiously. This sacrosanct daily devotion to practice lends inner wisdom to refining our subtle understanding.⁣

We navigate our awakening and realise the futility of egoic reactions by identifying the Ego through dropping down into Shen, Presence;⁣

Turning the ordinary into the sacred⁣

Bringing the sacred into the ordinary moment.⁣

Communing with Tea Spirit ⁣

Steeping in the understory of the ancient trees⁣

Poetry, meditation, noble silence⁣

Walk away with a peaceful, radiant energy that resides within you that you learn to take with you wherever you are.⁣


A 3~month virtual Tea Temple Retreat that takes place right in the sacred heart space you create within your home. Initiation begins upon registration. Link in bio to apply now. 🤍

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