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Welcome The Autumn Of Our Lives

Last night was magical 💫⁣


Crossing the passages of time to serve an intimate group of ladies, I dressed up to celebrate Mabon. There was a tinge of sadness to it but so much hope came alive. Thank you to the beautiful beings who came and shared Tea with me.

I got lost in my prayers for water element to help the settling of wild fires and restless minds.

I lit candles to send up wishes and prayers to the skies, and in extinguishing the flame we acknowledged that all ceremonies must end. ⁣

We let go and surrendered expectations and came home to our souls. We danced with Autumnus and celebrated Mother Gaia's abundance. Coming into autumn we honour the cycle in nature for retreat and soon enough, completion and rest.⁣

I also joined an amazing group of women on @lifeisjustastorywritten's women's circle to see our fullest co-creator potential together. Sarah holds such beautiful space that I just had to stay up till 2am for this gorgeous nourishing experience. Thank you Sarah. 💫⁣

Now I am anew. I am free. I am here. I am now. I have come home. I am so excited for what is coming. I am so eager to learn and offer my service. My deepest intention is to set you free.⁣

To let go of the old identity, and wire in the new that never ever abandons your sovereign self.⁣

To come to find the calm joy that is always and has been in you.⁣

It is so important to have community and support ❤ I love you all. Wherever you are, know this. Know that, we are in this together. Know that you are seen and held and supported. Know that there is a bowl of Tea here, waiting for you always, in this humble hut. ⁣

Sending you love. 🍂🍁

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