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We Are All Eternal Spiritual Beings

We emanate frequency. ⁣

We are energetic bodies.⁣

We are trillions of atoms vibrating at every second with every breath we take. ⁣

At every Tea Ceremony ⁣

I offer you my humble yet whole presence.⁣

My entire existence spins around this moment ⁣

With Tea Spirit guiding along the Way⁣

The Spirit who allows us to lean inward further ⁣

To watch our reflection dawn in the mirroring surface of the pond of our soul.⁣

Intuitive wisdom that has lay dormant ⁣

Can be found always scintillating ⁣

From the heavens above.⁣

The earthly energy streams through the soles of our feet.⁣

I saw a lotus flower of presence and awareness bloom forth today from the glowing white line that bridges heaven and earth.⁣

It does not take much time to understand ⁣

The power of silence. ⁣

When we surrender into it⁣

And do not fear it⁣.

It really does not take much at all.⁣

The wisdom that transpires in silence is deep, evanescent. ⁣


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