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Water, The Mother Of Tea

🌊 The Meeting of Waters 🌕⁣ Water that fed and nourished a seed to plant ⁣ Water that courses through the veins of the Leaf⁣ Water that dances in my kettle on fire⁣ Water that spills forth into my bowl⁣ Tea whirling and twirling with thrill at the meeting of waters⁣ My body ⁣ Fluid gratitude streaming through my veins when I take in Tea⁣ Spirits meeting Spirit⁣ The moon, the sun, and the stars ⁣ The rain and snow⁣ They come to light up my inner temple⁣ The Soulful Self within⁣ meeting the cosmos.⁣ One chance, one encounter of souls in the cosmic mandala of love⁣ Transcending time⁣ Transcending space.⁣ We are all made of all the elements of the Universe. ⁣ Maybe it is not too obvious we are⁣ But we do have them all,⁣ From a major stellum⁣ To the finest arc.⁣ The intuition ⁣ Shaped like a full moon⁣ Traverses gracefully and slowly⁣ Up from the base of our spine⁣ Into the cauldrons ⁣ Slipping into the womb ⁣ Where we meet the Mysterious Feminine⁣ The Empress Xi Wang Mu ⁣ Up one rung after another⁣ To the centre of our heart⁣ Glowing effervescence ⁣ Blooming forth into our throat⁣ Into the third eye⁣ Trillions of butterflies of consciousness ⁣ Taking flight⁣ Out the crown of our head.⁣ 📿🕊🧝🏻‍♀️⁣ .·.

Post new moon energy in motion that is catalysing a great rebirth 🌊

May this mantra serve you too.

It does not need to take long for us to quantum leap into our dreams.

I stand ready to uplevel, embracing all shedding of all that no longer serve for me to step into my divine beingness.

I honour my feminine strength.

I honour the marriage of yin and yang.

I honour this body.

I honour this intuition.

I receive all the effortless abundance that are flowing to me.

The Universe has gifted me with all the beauty and sacred divinity, opportunities and callings that I am capable of receiving with grave and humility.

I am serving deeply and receiving the sacred life I am calling in.

It is done. It is done. It is done.

With the spirit of Water, goddesses and priestesses, I hold space for this transformation ✨

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