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Transatlantic Tea Ceremonies

"At night everything is more intense and true." ~ Ellie Wiesel⁣.


It's been over a month since I left Edinburgh, not knowing when I will return. I have been operating on a daily basis, rowing my way across uncertainty with a brave face on even though I have no idea what to expect; simply allowing myself to be guided, relishing in Tea, soulful conversations and wonderful collaborations. Strangers and loved ones have been such blessings. It is now midway through September, and I have had Tea Ceremonies that wandered out the vestiges of the night into the scintillating band of early mornings, while halfway across the world it would be sunrise or the afternoon for my guests. I love the intensity and fey lines we cross in such time-bending ways. ⁣

On these sits I always am reminded that time does not exist, that there never is a better time, never enough time - so leap, my dear child, leap across the abyss to what you choose to love in this life. I light candles to call in my spirit guides and guardian angels. I call upon my highest self and visions and sensations begin to come alive. Reality begins to bend. Mindsets begin to shift.⁣

Gratitude. Insurmountable gratitude for all that flows to and through me. I open up this sacred space in my soul to let Tea Spirit flow through me to you. I allow the intelligence of the Universe to course through my crown and third eye, and with my being grounded to the earth with the elixir of goddess Thea, I am able to feel the energy channel back up and traverse through the rainbow Bridge within. ⁣

🍃 let these Tea leaves become the bridge between heaven and earth. 🌿⁣

· Private Tea Ceremonies for 1:1 support // a circle of open-hearts and minds coming together to steep in the wisdom of Tea and the healing energies of crystal ~ link in the tabs above ·

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