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This New Moon In Aries

This New Moon I am calling in⁣

Abundance of support⁣

An everflowing abundance of 💰💗🕊⁣

I am calling in ease⁣

I am calling in deeper, powerful intuition⁣

I am calling in teachers to deepen my practice.⁣

With this new moon my intentions are actualised. And so it is! 🎆⁣

I release⁣

The need to⁣


To defend⁣

To fear.⁣

For in this real and present moment⁣

There is nothing to tend to.⁣

I release the fear of rejection⁣

Of not being enough.⁣

I honour my self by not taking these energies on⁣

As they are not mine.⁣

There is no space for me to play small. ⁣

There is a long, awaited road to the infinite creations that are resting in the bosom of the Great Mother.⁣

I am serving from my heart. ⁣

Every drop of my life encapsulates the Universe.⁣

The Universe that reaches through from within me to all.⁣

And this is me.⁣

I am here.⁣

I am here. I understand. ⁣

While I stay ignorant ⁣

While I continue the journey of remembering ⁣

I am on my knees⁣


Humbled ⁣


There is no other way to be.⁣


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In the meantime... 🕊 ⁣

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