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The Way Of Tea, Cha Dao, As A Way Of Life

☯️ The Way of Tea ※Cha · Dao ※ ☯️

One need not be a cloud walking sage or Zen monk to feel the connection Tea grants us to the Universe. Anyone who comes to Her with stillness and presence will find clarity and indeed, at a moment of Jaku (the moment when the heart breaks open), completion. This is when you feel nothing else really matters but this present moment, when you feel so connected with your self and love and all who are sitting for Tea with you, when you feel there is no need, no want, no desire for anything else. When you drink Tea in this way, you start to walk the Way of Tea in everything else you do in life. As you move out of this sacred space back into the realities of life you begin to breathe and live the Way. As you begin to feel this you also internalise this sense of connection with Nature, and of course, then, the flow of the Universe. Everything is as it is. You are abundant. You are the light. You are stillness and presence. You are completion. 🧡

Thank you to all the sweet beings who took the time to still their hearts and mind with me today at my first Sunday Six {vir|tual} Tea Circle on Zoom. I was nervous, I was elated, I was enraptured by Tea, and finally I was salved by the soothing song of Tea Spirit and all your heartfelt sharing. I look forward to receiving your presence next Sunday, 1pm BST. If you'd like to join us, simply RSVP through the#linkinbio. 🕊🌿

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