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The Secret To Ditching The Diet

The secret to ditching the diet...⁣

〰️ Is in ditching the need for validation.⁣

I know because I used to do this.⁣

The inclination to share my hopes and dreams with people I just knew would kill them entirely was self-sabotaging, yet I didn't know how to stop it.⁣

In a complete turnaround, I see now how I do it with a secret streak for self-sabotage: I wanted someone to take responsibility for MY own failure to launch, for MY own fears and hence actions to stay safe and small.⁣

Set your boundaries and stop sharing your feelings and dreams and goals with people who don't get it.⁣

When you catch yourself doing this despite pushback after pushback, you need to be courageous enough to look inward for why you keep this up to validate your protective personality's claim that you can't do it.⁣

I know when I used to keep showing up for people who did not resonate a jot with me, I was secretly wallowing in my own low self-worth, paradoxically reinforcing the egoic inner voice that sought to keep me from breaking out of what with which it was familiar.⁣

And no, contrary to what society would have you believe, setting boundaries doesn't make you a "b*tch".⁣

You have to put a foot down with unshakable, centred stillness. ⁣

When you do, you exude sovereignty, no matter what body size you have. ⁣

You love the fluctuations, the shifting shape and different nuances that the body emanates. ⁣

I say this as someone who use to sabotage herself and hate her body so much she dressed in the dark.⁣

Everything happens for you, not to you. Walk the path as authentically as you can. There is no straight map to "get there", and this could be a fact that is really hard for you to swallow.⁣

But if you do embody this completely, you take back your power from everything else external.⁣

*That* sets you apart as a compassionate human being.⁣

Connecting with your true essence and self-worth, which exists simply because you exist, is the ultimate secret to breaking free from the cycle of disordered eating. ⁣

If you're ready to do this with a leading compassionate mentor and intimate amazing communal support, let's talk ➡️⁣

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