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The Moment We Begin To Repeatedly Overperform

Are you a star performer? 🌟⁣

You know, the one who believes that you have to prove your worth before collecting the accolades...⁣

The one who carries a deep insecurity that someone out there is discrediting the efforts you have been putting into your work...⁣

The one who cannot receive help without feeling awful or bad about it...⁣

And then has to go all out to give tenfold the amount of help given...⁣

The one who needs to earn love because you believe love that is earned is here to stay, nothing else...⁣

If you are, I am sending you so much love and compassion. ⁣

You see, I was you. ⁣

These shrapnel and shards of metal armour you have put together around you as a shield when your love, your joy, and your happiness were not received or reciprocated in the way you expected.⁣

When your wide open heart was shunned and thrown away with reckless abandon.⁣

💔 When love was not given to you, you found a way to survive and earn it, by perhaps, becoming a perfect version of yourself: thinner, more hardworking, more this, more that -⁣

All the while pushing help away: "I can do this on my own. I am fine. I don't need your help."⁣

That is a coping mechanism to overperform and look "strong" and "capable" to the world.⁣

But what makes one truly strong and capable, is the ability to be vulnerable.⁣

💞 To say "Yes, please help me. I can't do this alone."⁣

💞 To build bridges with hearts and allow love to come in - to allow yourself to receive love and abundance and Soulful support.⁣

And you CAN shed because the beliefs are and have never been yours.⁣

The choice is yours. 🌕⁣

🧜‍♀️ I share my story because I truly believe I am not alone - that my restrictive eating behaviour and paranoia and pain are also felt by many others who are struggling silently out there. ⁣

💞 I truly believe someone, somewhere, needs to hear this: you are not alone. ⁣

🌕 If you reach out, I've got you. 🌕⁣

🕊 I invite you discover how we can work together to take you from endless dieting, starving and bingeing, shame and guilt, once and for all to ♥️ Reconnecting to your highest self-worth⁣

💎💌 DM me and let's chat 🧝🏻‍♀️💌⁣


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