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The Energy Code Heals Disordered Eating

Something has to die away ⁣

To make space for the new. ⁣

What could you get from clinging on to this and that and how and why?⁣

I have decided to choose at every turn of the moment, to never entertain fear ever again.⁣

And so can you.⁣

I have been incredibly blessed to work with amazing clients to heal their disordered eating through pure energy-wisdom and ancient practice, and the progress continues to floor me, even though I have experienced the healing process and know that of course, it works.⁣

The unique formula to pierce the veil involves the Whole Self.⁣

Mind ⁣


Breath - Spirit is breath, breath is spirit - it is an indication that we are alive; it is living proof of us as pure creative energy. ⁣

When we let our addictions or disordered eating run our life, it is not because we are a failure. ⁣

It is simply a disconnection from the core of our being - we have let the mind take over the body, which is a powerful conduit in communication. When we are plugged into our core - our heart, our gut and the Mind - we can always check in and tune into our intuition and our inner wisdom. ⁣

Our body is the conduit that translates for the mind and the gut intuition. There is nothing more vital than this manifested form, this body, the incredible adaptor that is our body. ⁣

There is nothing amiss in us. We are pure energy. ⁣

We simply need to be open to rebuilding the bridge up again.⁣

And it is time for us to remember.⁣

Remember that we are eternal souls living a spiritual life by being human. ⁣

Yes. Read that again because that is truly your pure presence. That is all there is and all you are.⁣


🪶 Are you still looking for help with breaking the cycle of disordered eating? I have made a very special webinar in which I pour my heart and soul, recounting my own recovery journey as well as 3 secrets that I discovered can be potentially help you in healing your relationship with food and your body. More than that, it could ultimately heal your relationship with yourself too.⁣ link is in my bio, my love 🥀😘

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