The Body That Flowers

The Body That Flowers 🥀⁣

Nature never makes a mistake.⁣

🎋 A bamboo does not compare to the oak.⁣

🌳 Left to grow naturally the roots never entangle each other.⁣

Believe it before you see it.⁣

When you let life arrange itself ⁣

When you allow your body to seed, grow and flower at its own pace ⁣

You are allowing your own presence to radiate through your skin;⁣

You are connecting with the mineral kingdom. ⁣

Crystals that contain frequencies and rays of light codes that connects with our pure psychic consciousness. ⁣

You are connecting with the bridge between heaven and earth ⁣

You are the connecting bridge, the child of heaven and earth. ⁣

The encapsulation of rain and snow, of moonlight, sunlight and starlight, and vestiges of ancient messages buried deep within the earth. 🌨⁣

You are allowing your light to shine through your eyes. 🌟⁣