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The Benefits of Meditating in Groups: Tea Connects Us All

It wasn't too long ago that I had once had the pleasure of going every day for Tea meditations, receiving Tea with an open heart and an ever discerning sense that I am returning home to the Universe, the Dao, at@fivelementshabitats. Whenever I go I would be filled with anticipation and excitement because I get to sit not knowing what Tea I was being served, or what feelings or visions would surface during the meditations.


In Edinburgh now, serving Tea myself, I have invariably sunken into a comfortable rhythm with my Teas and#chaxi. Even though the adage "One Chance, One Encounter" rings true in every sense of the word, I am constantly surprised and stretched further out of my comfort zone in a good way, whenever I sit for Tea in a group. 🍃

The energy that courses through a group meditation is really powerful. Heightened sensitivities would yield back some kind of discomfort at first, but I always find myself emerging from the tunnel of visions with a greater sense of knowing. It's a kind of detox, I suppose, a pushing through that could only be done with a stranger's hand – or I suppose in this situation, magnetic field. I vow to go back to sitting with two bowls and serving one to my higher self again. I used to do that but stopped for no particular reason than practicalities. Let's face it though – if we turn our gaze to the one and only#lawofattraction, is it not most powerful to sit with our higher selves, the Buddha within us, to elicit the intelligence of the Universe and stand in the sacred space of our souls?


I encourage you to do group meditations if you haven't already. You might just find something that has been hidden away that needs to be confronted surfacing. In these times of self-isolation, I found it ever more potent, especially when I am doing Tea ceremonies over the digital waves. 🍃

PS: for those in the US time zone, it would perhaps be more possible for you to join me on my#Instagramliveon April 10 (also Good Friday) as I will be hosting the virtual #byot Tea Ceremony at 3.30pm GMT on that day. May we all Reawaken our intuitions through Tea and meditation; may we hear our hearts' true voices through this noble silence. 🕊

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