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Tea In The Time Of Corona Virus

In this heartland of anodyne chores Let not the mundane consume us with its noise Let us return to this bowl right here From which an aromatic steam rises to teach us To love, to drop our guards and dervish thoughts Each and every one of these mundane things They scintillate with Breathtaking Simplicity Beauty in simplicity Isn't this just wonderful? Satisfaction like no other. A kiss. On the lips. The Divine weaves her mystery around us. Scintillating Mystery In Simplicity Isn't this just wonderful? Satisfaction like no other. 🍃 Every sacred union is so treasured and in such a light of appreciation we find compassion for all. These unprecedented times ask us to take a pause and really look into the eyes of love. They ask that we really connect to your most beloved. Life is so fragile and glorious. What can be more precious than now?

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