Taking A Break When Everything Else Is Rushing By You

🕊 Taking a break when the world is opening up again feels... ⁣


Of course I had thousands of reasons to resist this decision.⁣

But I also knew that it was necessary for a divine return to my Soulful Self. ⁣

I was afraid I would lose the "magical touch".⁣

I was afraid that I would forget how to do it.⁣

I was afraid that inspiration would leave me forever.⁣

I was afraid that I would be forgotten. ⁣

💝 What I learnt was how to fully own my personal voice and power.⁣

💎 How to forgive, embrace and release all the energetic interference, known and unknown, conscious and unconscious, that is stopping me from manifesting my desired visions.⁣

🌌 I learnt to trust in my own vessel to hold space for the highest purpose.⁣

⚖ Stepping up to teach and share