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Stay Home, Save Lives: Tea Ceremony Together on Instagram Live #withme

There are so many ways to begin this caption, but I can only find it in my heart to say that Spirit has guided me to the decision to hold sacred space for all of you tomorrow on #instagramlive and Facebook. For most of the world it is perhaps any other day, while for some it is the third day of a long Easter holiday weekend. And as I hear and read that as the favourable weather prevails upon us, how tempting it is to break out and feel the sun in our faces; I feel the need of you all too who may be living alone right now and company is something that is associated with this time; I feel the tug on our heartstrings of the childhood memories, and this may be a tough time for us all to remember to stay together and get through this in isolation. On top of this the energy of rebirth rides high in this sacred time. No wonder we are feeling deeply, moving into shadow and light, manifested in self-doubt and the illusion of a fading existence on Earth. And so I do very much hope that this virtual Tea ceremony will help you through this time. Until we have gone through the painbody and emerge triumphant by knowing that we always have the inner power to watch these dark clouds pass, we may find ourselves drenched in distractions and low frequencies. Tea Spirit calls us back with stillness and presence. Here, we remember our souls and observe the present moment, and all the mundane and simple things shine. That is Cha Dao, the transcending power of the meditative mind.

"We wayfare together as individuals, each with his or her own destiny, and each with his or her own unique abilities and capacities for service. Our goal is to facilitate an awakened destiny in everyone, without exclusion. As we are all of one heart, we are also of one tradition: the tradition of the Earth." 🍃 Wu De, Tea Medicine

We will all come together again in the same space and breathe in the same light and air. Until then, we can learn to cherish our own company, and learn that our decisions are all interlaced with every being on Earth. Let's strengthen the bonds of this mandala of love through telepathic space. Tomorrow April 12, 1pm GMT.

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