Sound Healing & Tea Ceremony: A Symphony Of Bowls


I am so excited to announce my second collaboration for the month of August with the darling sonic goddess @the_crystalised. 💫💫⁣

A little backstory about us, if you like that sort of thing 😉 ⁣

LiYing met Jane serendipitously on Instagram, thanks to a certain picture of Edinburgh. Joined in their love for crystals, LiYing experienced purity and peace when she participated in one of Jane's Urban Magik Sonic Healing sessions online. Jane has also found tranquillity in her tea after attending LiYing's Tea Ceremonies. Now, these two forms of bowls are bound to meet and create more magic and instill stillness in your lives. ⁣


Marrying two bowls in symphony, we will be bringing to you an hour of bliss as we prepare for the Venusian energies of the full moon in Pisces on August 30, at 10am BST. ⁣

♓ ⁣

⁣Intuitive, imaginative and creative, Pisceans are watery sylphs who love fluidity, who love to love. In this Full Moon in Pisces, we are opening up our heart, mind and soul to the I AM powers within us - the true Creator that flows deep within our veins, whom we have almost forgotten because of the busy nature of life. Now it is the time to call in our manifestations through stillness and ground ourselves. When the moon is in Pisces She can truly channel her healing energies forth through Her light. Remember - your love for yourself is not a luxury, but a necessity, to continue to serve your dharma and live out your life's purpose.⁣


No experience in Tea Ceremony or Sound Healing is required. Everybody is welcome.⁣ Tickets are now up for grabs in the link in my bio. Limited spaces so get yours soon! 😌

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