Serving Tea In The Tradition Of Cha Dao

I am still steeping in the presence of all the beautiful beings who came and gave Tea the chance to flow through us all in this space, here and now.⁣⁣


Special thanks to @ohanajostudio

for making this sold out event come true, and big love to my mum for giving me all the support I need to keep me Zen 🙏🏻⁣⁣


Sitting in ceremony in person or in the virtual space with you all is truly a miracle I do not take for granted. I am especially honoured to be given this opportunity to walk with you on your life's journey, even for that tiny bit of time in the great scale of your life and many lifetimes before and beyond. ⁣⁣


May we all continue to allow Tea Spirit into our lives. May we show up in harmony with Nature and allow the intelligence of the Universe to flow through us. Sending you so much love. I surrender my expectations and attachments to all outcomes and in so doing, may my highest self hold space for all beings from a space of unconditional love, purity and humility. ⁣⁣




〰️🍂 Full Moon in Aries & Mid-autumn Festival Virtual Tea Ceremony ~ October 1, 6pm BST // 1am MYT (October 2). Link in bio to set intentions in the fiery cardinal sign of Aries · a manifestation powerhouse · and the mythical legend of moon goddess Chang-Er. 🌕⁣⁣


🕊〰️ JOURNEY ON CHA DAO ° POETRY, PRESENCE AND CONNECTION CIRCLE 〰️ doors are now open · a seven-week journey ⁣⁣

inspired by cloudwalking sages and mystics · ⁣⁣


🍃 DM me to get an early bird code by October 13. Registration closes October 26. Begins November 3. Link in bio to read all about the Circle. ⁣⁣


➰ not ready for a full journey? book in for a private Tea Ceremony for a discovery experience, or join me on one of my virtual Tea Ceremonies, Links are also in my bio.

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