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Self-Cultivation Through Online Meditation: Weekly New Virtual Tea Ceremony Circle In May

🌿🕊Precious community,

By the good grace of a generous supporter, I am now able to hold space in the world of Zoom with you all and keep my service free in such precarious times. I am bringing back Sunday Six beginning May as a virtual sit during which we can all share Tea and then unpack our reflections after the ceremony in an intimate setting, and learn more about the most honoured guest of all, Tea Spirit, as well as the Way of Tea/Cha Dao.

RSVP here. 🙏🍃

I look forward to receiving your presence. In the meantime, I hope to share some Tea with you this Thursday here on #instagramlive and Facebook as we soak in the energy of pleasure and sensuality of the New Moon in Taurus. ♉🌑🎑

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