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Retreat With A Private Tea Ceremony

Prayers 〰️ Windchimes 〰️ Summoning of spirits 🌬⁣


Remembering. Returning. Retreating. 🌊


Ancient teachings that lie deep within your bones. Tuning into your latent intuition as you still your mind and come home to your soul through silence and harmony.


In this Age of Aquarius, self-love and self-care are not luxuries, but necessities. Tea Ceremony awakens something that may have lay in somnolence wi⁣thin; a spark that goes off to reignite the qi, the force of Nature, within you. ☯️


Creating moments of presence and stillness with you 〰️ a privilege to sit together in reverent silence 〰️ transmute and transform 〰️ feel into the beautiful energetic flow and transcendence with Tea, crystals and poetry 〰️ a return to Heaven and Earth following the Dao.⁣


This is your time, your space. My role as a chajin 〰️ Honouring your true Zen essence with the Leaf. 🍃⁣

Link in my bio to book in for your private Tea Ceremony experience. 🕊🌿⁣

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