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Retreat From The World Of Dust

🕊 Heart Coherence: Virtual Mountain Retreat in a Bowl ⛰⁣

🪶 21 days of no·thingness⁣

In dynastic China, cloudwalking shamans used Tea leaves in the most rudimentary fashion, to simply foster harmony with the spirit within and without. ⁣

When civilisation began to pick up on the almighty yet humble leaf, which the Divine Farmer calls the Empress of all medicinal herbs, politicians and studious officials began to take to the mountains to retreat from "the world of dust" - a literal move away from the city and the dramas within the palace walls. ⁣

When mountain retreats were not possible, they found solace in building elaborate Tea huts in the back of their mansions, with a roji {露地}, or dewy path, of which the first character also means to manifest; and elaborate Zen gardens that sought to mimic the ambience of mountain temples, where Tea ceremonies were held and countless discussions aimed at perfecting the art of brewing Tea were had.⁣

This is the true essence of Tea, in all her quiet ways: she brings the mountains and snowy streams, the deep verdant valleys and the untouched crags, a retreat from the world of dust, to us, within a bowl.⁣

This virtual retreat comes with a Sacred Space Creation Kit and living tea leaves. ⁣

It is broken down to 21 days of self-study and 3 weekly live virtual zen retreats designed to help beings who have crashed and burnt under the weight of perfectionism, manic control, not-enoughness and self-sabotage to find eternal contentment.⁣

🍃 link in bio 🍃 register by January 16 to ensure your kit arrives in time.

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