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Quantum Leap And Anchor In

Have you ever had your heart broken before?⁣ I have.⁣ Have you given your heart so openly and fully, only to be shunned or turned away?⁣ I have.⁣ I was thinking a lot about a relationship I have had a long time ago.⁣ A relationship in which I was a giver because I believed the more I gave the more I would be loved.⁣ I was codependently trusting that I was not worthy of being loved or loving. ⁣ I was waiting for others to validate my own worth and I was allowing others to push me down.⁣ Flash forward to today, though I devote myself daily to do the inner work to move into relationships that honours us as sovereign beings of Love, I found myself sitting last evening thinking of how much hangs upon a relationship. ⁣ 💗 I love being generous.⁣ And as I am generous I continue to desire to be more generous, ever expanding and giving.⁣ But there is also fear, for this feeling of being hurt and rejected still lives on and resurfaces in moments when I have had my hopes of being supported and expectations of how I should be loved dashed.⁣ I began to really take note of how I was being treated. ⁣ People who rejected my invitations.⁣ People who ignored my messages.⁣ People who undercut my self-worth.⁣ People who got close to me and then left me like a stealth in the darkest hour of the night.⁣ People who underpay me.⁣ People who reject my request to stand in my right as a sovereign spiritual being.⁣ I have days when I feel very uncertain, alone and dejected. ⁣ This is where the practice begins to weave her beautiful mandala to bring me back into the source where nothing is separate. ⁣ I allow myself to burn up with fear and sadness.⁣ I allow my body to shake with tears.⁣ I allow roots to grow and anchor me in this expansive phase.⁣ Because emotions that seem to break us are there to really expand us.⁣ As we hold ourselves centred and anchor into the stillness and restful, wise energy of the Source - which is limitless - we can keep expanding and ascending in a spiral fashion: spiralling from creation mode to the Void and then the new vibrational resonance, and then do it all over again on the next level.⁣ So many of us want to quantum leap and manifest quickly, but we don't ever talk about the gigantic elephant in the room that is called integration and anchoring. ⁣ The bigger the manifestation the bigger the Void and you need so much faith to get you through and anchored deeply in this version of you instead of getting caught up in the dramas over and over again - The Universe has a way of putting these in until you get it! ⁣ If I have to talk about all the uncertainty I have about this journey, it would take a lifetime 😁⁣ If this sounds familiar and you feel empowered to change your energetic frequency, link to join THE VOID ~ at an early bird price is here 👇🏻

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