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Qixi, A Night To Remember: Poetry and Cha Dao

※ 七夕 ※⁣

This coming Tuesday marks the 7th day of the 7th month in the Chinese lunar calendar, a day that celebrates the mythical love story between the star-crossed lovers Weaver Girl (織女) and Cowherd Boy (牛郎). Torn asunder by the Gods, the lovers can only meet once a year on this day on the Milky Way in the skies. Qixi is also known as Tanabata in Japanese and Chilseok in South Korea, and is nowadays hailed as the Chinese Valentine's Day in China.⁣

Coming together on this day in this Tea Space, we honour this timeless promise made by two soulmates who cannot even be pulled asunder by time,  external disapprovals, and a Silver River. ⁣

I will share the story in the circle over Tea, and we shall have time to appreciate poetry as the sages and emperors were wont to do on such a festive day. ⁣

We honour the traditions of folklore and our ancestors with Tea in ceremony, and we honour the present moment by weaving a mandala of love with all of those who sit with us here. A beautiful way to meet like-minded souls and share Tea. After all, "through Tea, make friends" is one of our Tea teacher's favourite adage for very good reasons. ⁣

Join me for a meeting steeped in love and light, no matter where you are in the world. One of the beauties of meeting in the virtual space of Zoom is that it allows us to transcend time zones. ⁣

🌿 Tuesday, 25 August, 5pm BST⁣ / 12am (26 August) HKT / 12pm EST

Here, simply heart-to-heart and soul-to-soul. You are also welcome to bring along any poetry or special folk stories you'd like to share in the circle. Link in my bio to register for a spot. Drop me a 💫 if you're for true love!

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