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Piercing Through The Veil Of Spiritual Egos

The Way of Tea is a way of living that pierces through the veil that spiritual egos can throw upon us.

We get into ceremony everyday so that when we are living we are loving.

So that we find the extraordinary in the ordinary.

So that the ceremonial Spirit infuses all that we are, see, smell, feel, touch, have and do.

I am finding reverence in myself more and more everyday, for myself and others.

I am finding evidence presented to me of abundance that surrounds me every moment of the day.

Call yourself a mystic.

Call yourself a witch.

Heck, call yourself a mermaid if you want to!

If you resonate with it in your bones, you have to own it.

Stop hiding your power for fear of what others may think of you.

You are perpetuating these acts of suppression when you buy into these stories.

Get out of the matrix and conditioning, the linear way of thinking that are keeping you tightly bound inside a box.

Come to know yourself through felt sensations rather than egoic identities.

Do not stand in the way of your own brilliant light.

If you are finding yourself in the "I should be", comparing yourself to others and your past version selves, you are still operating from the logical, overfunctioning mind.

To alchemise the medicine in diminishing your own light, you can get the experienced and high-level support through a mentorship that gives ground to help you through the stages of transformation, anchor and rise in full authentic power is vital.

If you are still stuck in the limiting belief that if you share your work you are taking something from someone else, that is one of the many signs that you are not open to receiving your divinity.

🍃 Join me on 10th September for a divine Tea Ceremony on the Moon experience.

Link in bio to get your ticket now.

I look forward to welcoming in your presence. ✨


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