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Piercing The Veil Of Forgetfulness

When I hear: "I'm not very spiritual/I don't believe in all that woo-woo/Being spiritual is being hypersensitive to everything", I call BS on that.⁣

Hear me out.⁣

We are all made of energy. Energy is spirit - Spirit is in every breath we take; spirit is expressed through our mind, body and energy coming into unity. ⁣

Having spoken to numerous women with disordered eating, two things became pretty clear to me 🕊⁣

☝️ every person has a different story of how they came to disordered eating - a vast majority of whom are highly intelligent, perceptive and creative and considerate - even, dare I say it, that's right, spiritual -beings⁣

💕 they have forgotten, or more likely, relinquished their spiritual sensitivities in exchange for excessive control that disguises itself as achievements in the masculine sense, measurable and exhibited through numbers and metrics, accolades and achievements. ⁣

On the other end of the spectrum, I have also spoken to women who are highly sensitive and spiritual, but struggling to find groundedness and purpose of living here in this 3D realm. ⁣

Both are the same kind of difference of what is led mind-first. The body has not been able to embody the spirit fully, thus disconnection occurred. The soul is not able to express itself through the body (which we are trying to shrink and constrict) and the mind (which is manically seeking to control and conquer).⁣

If you are struggling with disordered eating and finding it hard to follow, follow on. If you're finding this stirring up impatience in you, read on.⁣

Because here's the thing you've got to know.⁣

You have simply forgotten that you are made of spirit. You are inseparable from a spiritual life.⁣

And by God, every single time you cede your God-given rights to some calorie-tracking app and diet and fear of weight gain, you are forgetting that Soulful Self within you that knows what is best for you - no one else, but you can know what is best for you.⁣

When the body is completely ravaged -⁣

Something absolute happens within. The spirit has lost its home.⁣

This is also a time to choose to love this body and life instead of beating ourselves up for failing.⁣

Nothing is failed. You have not failed.⁣

When you finally see that you are a brave soul who is standing by your true self, who is answering your calling on Earth when you tread one foot before another in this labyrinth to recovery and discovery, you are choosing to embody your true feminine spirit - the creative life force of the Great Mother, as we know it in the Dao that is a circle that knows no end nor beginning - a deliverance to a place of more purpose, acceptance, pleasure in being in the end and flow, the seasonality of life and rest (yees!), unconditional love and compassion (emphasis on unconditional!), and power to return to the present now consistently.⁣



I felt called to spend the past few months putting together this free training in which I pour my heart out and show you how you can break the cycle of restrictive eating and make peace with your body for good. 🥰❤⁣

You can register for free here now through link in bio or:⁣

See you inside.⁣

Warmest Love,⁣

LiYing 💗

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