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Patience and Allowing The Universe to Show Me Her Ways

°♧ B L O S S O M ♧° It never ceases to amaze me, ever since I found Tea (or rather, Tea found me), how warm and kind and generous this community is. I have been reintroducing myself, in a new land, in a new identity, and in so doing again and again I started questioning myself: why am I so defined by my past? (E.g. the need to mention that I was a beauty editor, a journalist, was in Harper's BAZAAR, South China Morning Post etc etc...) I found it cumbersome, and I want nothing more than to start anew and be who I am essentially – a spiritual being who wants to serve up good vibes, bowl by bowl! ·.· And I am so fortunate to have the lovely tea family to keep me steeping in patience and generosity – @withtlovers and @nataliegoni for your selfless introduction and friendliness - through you I found @lolamailove and I can't wait to have tea with you! 🌿 thanks to @wgk92 for providing some brotherly love across the line – I raise a bowl to you and your lovely wife tonight! And to @bushinonasake for reaching out with your well wishes, and @potsandtea for the beautiful teawares. Of course, how can I ever miss out on saying how much I reminisce on good times at @fivelementshabitats with @spiralspaces and @maynogoy? ·.· So much love to @globalteahut for growing and fostering this community, where truly you can "through tea, make friends". Friendships are a-blossoming, and budding love keeps flourishing. ·.· A gentle reminder to myself to patiently let it all sit, and let the universe work its mysteries and wonders across my starlit skies 🌠 Sending love and light from Edinburgh. 🌿🙏🍃

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