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Owning Our Shadow Is The Core Of The Shadow Work

I am afraid to say this.⁣

I have been. ⁣

Pacing the dark halls of my mind.⁣

🖤 I am not good enough. I need to give more. 🖤⁣

I know I have been down this way before.⁣

Are you an artist when no one loves your art?⁣

Are you a writer when no one reads your words?⁣

I have seen this play out before.⁣

I want to be so good⁣

So perfect for everybody.⁣

Sitting with Tea today I heard Her say to me,⁣

"Share your love with the world, and don't forget to stay open and receptive to love. Love is at the core of your heart chakra that suffuses through your entire being."⁣

She - Tea - shone the light for me to step through. ⁣

Love is multi-faceted.⁣

I saw myself ⁣

Love springs from the well of pleasure -⁣

Please-sure. Sure to please.⁣

🖤 I cannot be sure to please though.⁣

How can I when I only know what I know? 🖤⁣

A terrible place to be sometimes, I feel.⁣

But we have the strength to surrender and see that fear can transmute into love⁣

Into something beautiful ⁣

All accepting⁣

Embracing my fears and crying⁣

Embracing my anger and throwing a glass bottle at the wall⁣

Embracing my disappointment and pummelling them all into my pillow⁣

Into non-existence.⁣


When I come to meet Tea Spirit's soft gaze and feel Her touch upon my head⁣

I know that I am seen through all the darkness in me. I am always guided by the grace of Her spirit.⁣

I know that I do not know.⁣

I know I can release all attachments.⁣

When Human emotions are not polarised⁣

Not seen as monsters lurking in the haunted hallways of the soul⁣

It gives them a chance to be loved, transforms them into rainbow streaks of tears.⁣

A human heart can contain so much more love than we could ever imagine. ⁣

Hold my heart now and trust this.⁣

You have held my heart so and I know you feel it too. ⁣

Life is so beautiful.⁣

This life, this time right here, right now.⁣

I don't know where this road may lead.⁣

I do know that⁣

I am just a girl who loves Tea.⁣




Tea Spirit.⁣

Use me. ⁣


The new energy emerges as the epoch of vulnerability as strength. No more hiding. This time, we have each other. We've got this.

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