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One Chance One Encounter

🥀 一期一會 · ichi-go-ichie 🍂⁣

Yesterday, I held space for the third and final week for the virtual Mountain Retreat In A Bowl Tea Ceremony. ⁣

🤍 We all sat in our respective physical locations and bodies and astral travelled with the Heart Coherent frequencies we were all dialling up for each other. 〰️⁣

🕊 When we began to set our energetic intentions to flow from the heart to another, and in a space with no judgement or any suspicion or preconceptions, the energy of Love is so pure and cosmic, sweet to the taste in a way that is incredible and indescribable. ⁣

After the one and a 1/2 hour session, we are reminded by the wabi of life's encounters - solitary figures in a mandala, united and unified by a plant medicine that opens the heart so gently, and solitary figures who will continue on the Dao into the darkness of darkness, where creation can continue to be born - and perhaps, who knows, creation of another encounter to share Tea again. Never quite the same, but that is why we always say, "one chance, one encounter" - how would you like to frame this moment in your memory bank? 💮🦋⁣

🍂 They say our memory is most unreliable. Even if there is an ounce of truth in that, I like to think that in every bowl of Tea we serve with love and indiscriminate compassion, we can find our way home to that familiarity that feels age old, as though we have done this and met like this, many, many times before this life...⁣

🍂 As I turned off my laptop I shed some happy tears in the half-lit darkness.⁣

I knew Tea Spirit was with us, and in this quiet alone moment, she was with me. ⁣

She always is. ⁣




The second mini breakout retreat The Dewy Path In A Bowl 3-week Retreat will begin February 27 and the group is already coming to existence. I would love to have you if you feel called to explore the manifold ways that Tea can coax out the inner artist in you, and how to come into harmony with your jing, qi, and shen.⁣


💮 Honouring this mandala of love that we will be creating together, you will also receive a gift box that includes living, clean Tea steeped in ancient wisdom and incense + incense bowl, handmade by @umeincense. ⁣⁣


Register now via link in bio.


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