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On How We Can Stop Objectifying Our Bodies

It is natural for the mind to try to box in and judge.⁣

A people. A body type. A body size. A genre of music and a genre of emotions and so on and so on.⁣

Learning to see the many nuances and multi-dimensionality in each human, your world can literally transform forever.⁣

You no longer feel the desperate need to conform to a particular standard of beauty.⁣

When we are able to see all our emotions as simply energy in motion with equal value, then doors will open, and our energy circuits will begin to optimise, leading to the making of a healthy functioning nervous system.⁣

Similarly when you are able to see all foods equally and no longer forbidden and sinful, no longer rewarding and indulging either, you are able to eat to fill a physical hunger that is dictated by the working of a healthy, intuitive body.⁣

You are no longer eating or not eating to fill up an emotional hunger.⁣

Neither are you trying to hide behind a perfectionist facade. ⁣

You remember as you are nature, you move with your own grace and in your own flow. ⁣

As in nature, every plant, even of the same family, surprises and is one and unique, and never lacking and worried she is taking up too much space or missing anything or not enough of this or that. ⁣

You relate to each intuition in the body with full presence.⁣

You have your food with presence that allows you to relate to them as real nourishment, not something you eat because some lab tested it has xx grams of this or that and come with all the types of "shoulds" and a panoply of advice that comes from "experts".⁣

Humans have done the same with bodies as with nature, separating us all by setting us apart with good and bad, more or less.⁣

You are your own expert. When you treat your body as your home, everything will fall into place.⁣

It is not easy. In fact it is a daily practice to return to this remembrance in today's fast-paced world.⁣

That's not to say it is complex and impossible. ⁣

In fact, it is absolutely simple and possible.⁣

All it takes is for you to say yes and open up to unlearning all that you thought you knew and teach the mind that it is not meant to do all the heavy lifting work of living alone.  ⁣

This wonderful returning means the mind can finally do what it is called to do - serve body as the body serves the soul.⁣


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