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New Moon in Cancer Black Moon Virtual Tea Ceremony

We welcome the new moon, also known as the black moon, on July 20. To prepare for this new moon in Cancer (energetics: a time to slow down, for contemplation; not a time to launch), we shall sit in reverent silence and really 🌌look🌌 at each and everyone who is together at this moment and truly steep in appreciation and gratitude for all that we have and all the mundane little things that are really miracles that you and I have encountered. Cancer is a sensitive and loving sign, a sign of great protectiveness and familial bonds. What better way to make friends, find stillness and presence, than to share Tea in a space of no judgement, ego, or identity? ⁣I am personally feeling a lot of self-doubt rising up in me at the moment, with Chiron in a stronghold in the cosmos simply bringing my wounded healer form to the forefront. It helps immensely to know there is Tea with which I could commune, and beautiful beings who show up in all their vulnerable ways, allowing me to help create that sacred space within their homes through their screens.


Join me on Saturday, July 18, at 1pm BST. A Zen saying in Japanese says it all: ichi go ichie {One chance, one encounter}. See you in the virtual space of Zoom. Link to register is in my bio.

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