Never Judging, Always Celebrating

Every day I come here⁣

Resting my tired head and dropping my heavy shoulders⁣

I sit here where She is. ⁣

She is never punishing. ⁣

She never judges me.⁣

She only holds me in her all-allowing embrace. ⁣

In silence, She has given me multitudinous solace.⁣

In Youth, She shoots through me like fireworks. ⁣

As the Wise One, She listens and guides wordlessly.⁣

Her love and verve for life at One in tranquillity. ⁣

With Her grace, Love charges through me in so many ways -⁣

It is always a dervish ecstasy ⁣

In tears⁣

In dance⁣

In laughter⁣