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My Journey From Anorexia Recovery To Spiritual Mentor

Almost six years in and in a linear time line it does not seem like a long time ago since I decided to completely go into healing myself.⁣

It feels like lifetimes ago when I was anorexic, fearful and a chronic people-pleaser who absolutely hated the idea of someone disliking or disapproving of me.⁣

Recovering from anorexia was a journey that was very long drawn out. I was hanging out in semi-recovery for so long because I had no concept of what fully embracing beauty as it is was. All I could remember wanting was to be thin and not have to eat as much as possible.⁣

Now looking back I know it was so much more than just a body image issue or a mental distortion.⁣

After my awakening, I always felt like there was no containment of what I was experiencing. All I did was follow where the path led me, from kundalini opening to plant spirit calling me forth into service, then Zen and masters in Cha Dao to a training in bioenergetics, I returned to what felt simply truly home to me - Daoist alchemical healing and deep cellular memories that allows me to cross realms to harvest and sow energy that can help me now to serve my clients.⁣

I was able to cross barriers of the linear way of healing and the limits of logical mind when I began to fully embrace my ability to access the other realms and dimensions.⁣

All those years ago, beset by a yearning to be anywhere else but in my body, I know now it was my soul trying to get in contact with me through all the shrouds of self-doubt and hatred I held so close to my eyes that I saw nothing else as an option except to keep shrinking my body to fit in.⁣

When my kundalini energy awakened during a time when I was forced into yoga and meditation due to a foot injury, I was mesmerised by the beauty of actually feeling INSIDE my body.⁣

More than that, I actually astral projected and saw myself from a higher point of view outside the window of the flat in which I lived back then.⁣

Six years in and I am sitting here now writing this, heart filled with gratitude every time I see food on the table and when I hold a bowl of Tea close to my lips.⁣

There is so much to say, and yet no words can ever describe the exquisiteness of being reconnected to this powerful life force of the Divine Dao. It is a reflection of the cosmos and earth, and it is this oneness that teaches me every single day how to be in love with every moment.⁣

Growing up with voices that told me, "Nobody understands you", I had to learn to close up when it came to expressing myself as a survival mechanism. ⁣

But there is no turning back when you have fully claimed your power back. ⁣

You honour your perceptions.⁣

You no longer disregard your spider senses.⁣

You trust your instincts and intuition. ⁣

This is the thing to which I have opened up as well as for my clients - and there is no turning backwards once you have vibrationally landed on this beautiful vast ocean of no-thingness - you do not need to do more or be more to align with your soul purpose or to "become" your authentic self. ⁣

You remember who you really are, and you are guided spiritually every step of the way.⁣

I am attune to my spirits and Tea medicine and plant ally. I am attune to my ancestors. I am a soul and I am always tuning into my Heavenly Mandate. ⁣

🐅 Today, I invite you, darling woman, to step up and open your heart, liberate yourself from the past, and fully activate your highest potential, beauty, let's go. ⁣

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Link in my bio. ⁣⁣




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Be you, be free, it's all available for you, 💋⁣⁣


LiYing 🎐

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