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Moonlight White

T E A ▪ A W A K E N I N G 🌿 It has been a strange few days leading up to this powerful, final full moon of the year 2019, and perhaps just so, as the moon is parking herself in Gemini tonight (the spirit of the Air sign lies in deep intellect and double entendres). I was called to sit tonight with three bowls of Moonlight White. I let the graceful bright aroma take me on an astral journey to my desired future, and most of all, to plunge me deep, deep into gratitude for all that we have, all that I am gifted with by the universe and all that are to come to me. I opened up my heart and mind, which have felt like it has been caged and shackled by old past beliefs, and I am truly allowing, allowing in all possibilities, and letting go of all egoic justifications and need to please. . In the evening, as I was walking back I saw an old man, hindered by his aged legs so he could only go in jittery pace, trying his best to get out of the lift as there was a crowd waiting, watching as though he was a performing act. I was struck with profound sadness, and also incredible gratitude for people who love and support me, and for the universe. I have been knee deep in trying to manifest my desires when all I really had to do was come back to my heart centre and remember that I am never lacking. I cried for this old man, for I wished I had been able to ferry him on wheels to his destination, or wished he had loved ones waiting for him and loving and caring for him, but really, I think I was also crying for this seismic shift that is going on inside of me. I was perhaps crying for the death of my old past self. . Tea has put me on such an incredible journey that I can still find little words to describe its magic, its feyness. There is so much joy in the simple act of being in service that it may seem counterintuitive to all that we have been taught in this capitalistic world. But the more I learn, the more I think I understand and accept that it is okay for some to never get what you do, as long as you know your true essence, as long as you are joyful. That is all that matters. 🌕

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