Mindful Stillness In A Time Of Chaos

I have been sitting in stillness, waiting.⁣

Outside there is a force field⁣

Cajoling for reactions, for doing, saying something⁣

to make us seem like we care.⁣

There is an unrest that puts us into shame and guilt.⁣

But while there is nothing to gain from these feelings, mainly generated by your ego -⁣

Acknowledging mistakes and sitting in humility and deep introspection with our erroneous ways instead are part of the shadow work we can do to empower us to open the valves of compassion of the world.⁣

There is an uprising happening now that reflects the extraordinary swathe of light beings that are coming to earth to raise the vibration. ⁣

So this is, like never before, the time to rise.⁣