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Mid-Autumn Moon Appreciation

The lunation on every mid-autumn festival · 中秋節 · makes my heart swell

The lights from within the houses I pass on my night walk makes me feel distant, another being wondering about another being's life in a passing parade

One lantern in hand lighting my way, I feel the presence of the full moon resting on my shoulders, her love like liquid warmth and a cool breeze combined, gently traversing down my spine.

Returning home I find that my mum has sliced up the mooncakes, ready for Tea with joy and reminiscence.

There are more candles to be lit and lanterns to be hung.

The night lives on in memory, as I wish and wish again, and again, I could be home right now with them all. 🌕


There is a place that is called home wherever we go, and I am thankful I have my body, where I could go home anytime to feel this glowing loving presence.

If you'd like to join me for a celebration of the traditional mid-autumn festival, there are opportunities to sit in reverent silence with Tea, both virtual and in-person, coming up:

🎑 Mid-Autumn Festival Virtual Celebration: A Mythical Evening With Tea Ceremony, 21 September, 8pm GMT

🥮 The Language Of The Soul ~ Mid-Autumn Tea Ceremony {LIVE IN EDINBURGH}, 25 September, 3.30pm GMT Calm on Canning Street

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