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Message From A Circle Of Love: The Universe And Love

We come as children of the Universe


Unmarred by history and projection.

A tug in the heart

A tug behind the left ear

Is it possible to hear love beating through our hearts?

The heart needs to break open

To feel love.

L O V E.

What is love?

Is there a price to love?

A luminescence that is so mutable that

It changes

So quickly

So expansive

And yet, it contracts just as easily.

We tend to forget

How to love

How love truly feels.

What is the price of a heart once removed?

Child of the Universe

I am no stranger to solitude

In serving and sharing Tea

we move in a mandala of love

Fully aware of the beauty of coming together and moving away again

Individuals who must walk their own paths, ribbons of Ways ahead

Hearts full

There inevitably will be light

Like golden threads spun from the skillful hands of Kintsugi masters

Gilding cracks into glorious odes to impermanence and transience


All matters of the Universe.

Hearts full.

But this bowl must empty out again

So water can flow through.

Sitting with still waters

With the rising steam soughing the pines in this kettle under fire

I know love like an old friend. ➰

I began to write the first of these verses last night during the Circle of Love Zoom call held by the beautiful and effervescent@pause_place. I couldn't quite articulate myself fully then but I suppose I can always try again with written words. Feeling raw and vulnerable to this imminent air of uncertainty, but also, so excited for the best that is yet to come. 🕊🌿🧡

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